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Stamp Festival Graphics


STAMP Festival is based on the central idea of cooperative economy. For about a month, new and older teams of the city, with modern and innovative ideas, will have the chance to gather in the same place, work together as a team and create at that particular moment through various workshops, in which simple visitors will be able to participate free of charge. The possibility is offered for individuals and teams to present their work, having a specific space within the festival as their centre. This space will be shared by teams and it will function as a shop, acquiring the character of a cooperative space, which is something missing from the city and our country in general. The Stamp Festival will revive the historic arcade of Saint Minas in the centre of Thessaloniki, giving the character of an Open Market. Exhibitions, installations, workshops and parallel music events will liven up the beautiful space, creating the appropriate atmosphere for conversations and feasible ideas in the common meeting place.

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